Some of the visitors to the first Coed Zimbabwean Sculpture Exhibition. July 2018.

The Opening of the exhibition went very well. We had a number of visitors throughout the afternoon, who all thoroughly enjoyed the event. Pictured on the left of this photo is Gillian Clay, the custodian of the land at Coed Hills, who was born in Zimbabwe, and who we are extremely grateful for allowing us the time and space and place to put on this exhibition.

We all look forward to the next event held at Coed in October 2018… See the exhibitions page for details.



Zimbabwea Sculptors celebrate Art through the 2017 BROCK Awards

I would like to add that the quoting from me in this article is not specifically accurate in its wording, but I would agree that we are in a state of transitioning our perspectives of “world art”, from seeing other cultures as “other” and gaining a more unified world perspective on art, whilst holding onto cultural localism and traditional identity.