Infinity Ring Of Life

Percy Kuta

Infinity Ring of Life. 2016

Green Serpentine, diameter 35cm x 9cm





Percy Kuta was born in 1982 in Guruve. Started carving in 1999. Was discouraged by his parents, because of his natural intelligence and ability to do more academic work, but from a young age his mind was on art, and he wanted to be an artist. It took him a long time to find his way into sculpture, through rebelling against his formal upbringing. He worked with his brother who was also an artist, who was his only encouragement.


His main interest is in abstract sculpture, gaining his inspiration from nature and natural forms. His work often has universal philosophical or spiritual themes running through them, like the idea of infinity, natural motion, containment, transformation or the cyclical nature of life. His work focuses on the spaces in-between the stone as much as the stone its self.


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